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We are the consumer web site division for Country Technology, Inc. which was started in 1979 to serve the equipment needs of Sport-Fitness and Rehabilitation professionals. 

Country Technology publishes the "Vital Signs" Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation products catalog which specializes in professional-grade equipment -- all the best brands, the very best quality, durability, and performance from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. "Vital Signs" has become a "standard reference" for physical therapists, doctors, athletic trainers and directors, wellness managers,  strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, and exercise physiologists. (Please note: every sports-fitness professional is encouraged to request a free "Vital Signs" catalog -- just call or write, or use the Email link below.)

Because we know what products are available and carry the very best professional equipment, we feel that Fitnessmart can offer consumers the best items to serve their needs.

If you don't see a fitness-related item that you need in this web site, feel free to Email us. We probably already have what you are looking for in our professional products division, or can direct you to a reliable source.

Returns Policy:

We feel that 2 weeks is a reasonable time frame to know if an item works properly and fits your needs.

Since some items are shipped directly from manufacturer's facilities throughout the U.S.A., we request that you contact us for an RMA number (return authorization and shipping information) before returning an item to us.


Thank you for visiting our FitnessMart web site.


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